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Resetting the Netgear router |

Netgear web domain  WPS connection

Netgear is proudly standing on the top rank among the other networking device manufacturers. This is because Netgear is always up for any new challenge that its users face. Previously the users had to face a lot of trouble while accessing their router’s setup page through the default IP address of the router or This default IP address was naturally a bit complex due to its numerical structure and it was getting quite tough for the users to get into their router admin page through this method. The WPS mode of connection is quite useful method of connecting the router to the computer device.

Importance of

Then came the Netgear’s helping hand towards its users in the form of a user-friendly customized web domain, this web address changed completely the way of in which the users have been accessing their router.

This new web domain is more easy and convenient to remember as that the default IP address. However, it is also very important here to note that you can always have the access of getting into the router through its default IP address. For most, the Netgear routers, the default login IP address is or

WPS connection for the Netgear router setup

The WPS connection is the least used method while setting up the router or modem. The WPS mode of connection has been ignored by the majority of the technology users only due to the lack of knowledge. But today we will definitely try to bring this method of connection to a limelight.

WPS mode of connection is the most convenient and faster way of getting your router connected to the computer machined instantly.

  • Just switch on the router/modem and open the computer’s wireless section and click on the WPS button, it will start the wireless signal reception.
  • Now press the WPS button on the router and your router will get connected to your computer/laptop instantly.
  • You can confirm the connection either by seeing the list of connected networks or the WPS LED on the router’s indicator panel.

Limitations of the WPS mode of connection

This method cannot be used with the wireless networks that don’t support the latest security keys like WPA/WPA2 or WPSK keys. The wireless routers with outdated security keys cannot be connected to the computer system through WPS done.

Netgear router setup after WPS connection

Now that your router has been connected to your computer device successfully, what you need to do is configure the router accordingly for internet and network data transmission.
Follow the steps mentioned below in order to complete the configuration within no time.

  • Open the browser and access the router’s admin dashboard page through or through its default IP address whichever you are comfortable with.
  • Authorize your access to the router setup page with a default username and the password which is “admin” and “password” respectively.
  • Select the proper connection type under the Internet and WAN settings tab. Fill in the required information provided by your service provider.
  • Follow rest of the instructions on the screen and click the save and apply changes Then click the reboot now tab.

All the new configuration settings will be written on the router and your router will be ready to serve you with the blazing fast speed of the internet and network data transmission.

Resetting the Netgear router

The Netgear routers are although quite efficient networking devices but still, sometimes the best machines also tend to malfunction due to several reasons. The reason can be anything related to the improper usage or the wear and tear of the router.

The Netgear routers can be reset through one of the below-mentioned methods.

  • Reset through the factory reset button
  • Reset through firmware (

Reset through the reset button

If you want to get your router reset within no time, just go with this method. What you will need to do is just insert a pinpointed object like a paper pin or paper clip deep into the pinhole of the router where the reset button is located. The reset button is placed deep inside the hole to prevent its misuse or unnecessary frequent usage.

You will have to keep the reset button pushed for at least 5 seconds until the router gets a reboot and you can see the ongoing process through the LEDs on the front panel. The LEDs will go off and on indicating a router reboot.

Key facts to note about Netgear router reset

  1. Always use the wired Ethernet connection when performing the router reset.
  2. Also, try to connect all the hardware devices to a backed up power source which don’t fluctuate or goes off during the ongoing operations.
  3. Moreover, it is advisable not to reset the router unnecessarily and once the router is reset back to its original factory settings, all of its data will be erased and you will need to configure it again with the new values.

Does the firmware of the router get back to its previous or factory version when we perform a reset?

In most of the cases, when the router is reset to its original factory settings, the firmware of the router gets back to the factory version and the user needs to update the firmware all again after configuring the router. You can also update the firmware of the router before configuring it.

It is also to be noted that in some cases, the users have seen no change in their router’s firmware version, only the settings, and other information was erased from the router. But this could be the case with the highest tech routers only.